The purpose of the guild is to serve as a sounding board and support group for Christian artists. 

Often times the most creative of us have billions of ideas

wonderful, life-changing ideas –

but these ideas get swept under while in the nascent stages and never fully develop. 

The guild seeks to give accountability to artists to help them

finish their work,

to provide support through prayer, brain-storming and collaboration,

and to help edit, encourage, develop and publicize your work if and when you need it.


I found myself for years wanting to write, and I did write, but everything was half-finished or jumbled up. 

It wasn’t until I found myself in a group of like-minded people where we would read to each other,

listen to each other and give constructive-criticism to each other. 

It was in this environment that I was able to complete my first book. 

I believe the same goes for many people out there –

it isn’t the lack of desire to finish, it is the lack of focus.

I hope you find what you need through the guild –

and together we can change the world.